We have been present on the market for 10 years, we have our own superior ServerPark data center and we really know what we are doing.

Default solutions

Solutions for e-shops

Completely managed server solutions for small and large e-shops.

We provide complete solutions for the operation of large and small e-shops. We care for hundreds of the largest e-shops and we have experience with the administration of almost 5,000 servers. You can focus on sales and development of your e-shop - we will take care of the server operation.

Mail services

Complete cloud mailing for your company.

VSHosting will provide you with mailing services depending on your real needs. You will only pay for the space and number of mailboxes you really need. The service is operated in the VSHosting cloud with high availability, superior anti-virus software and anti-spam software.

Database solutions

Administered solutions for both SQL and non-SQL databases.

Our database specialists will ensure the administration of your databases on fully administered servers. We will provide the administration of MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more including extensive clusters.

Solutions for web studios

Dedicated web hosting solutions for web developers.

Server solution for dozens, hundreds and thousands of websites. You can offer your own branded hosting on the dedicated server for the creation of a website or e-shop; in this way you can improve your image and reduce your costs at the same time (for example with 100 websites the monthly web hosting price starts at CZK 3.50)

Solutions for bulk mailing

Do you need to send bulk mails? We have got a solution for you.

Looking for a solution for the bulk sending of newsletters? We will prepare a tailor-made solution with fine-tuned e-mail servers, blacklist monitoring, software for the statistics of sent e-mails and much more.

OwnCloud server

Reserved OwnCloud administered server. You use, we administer.

Our managed solution for OwnCloud will provide you with the comprehensive service for this on-line tool. We will take care of the operation, backup, availability and updates.

Solutions for big projects

Comprehensive solution for big web portals.

We care for hundreds of major and global Internet projects and no visit rate or project complexity is a problem for us. In VSHosting each project is handled by a team of specialists in the 24/7 mode.

Solutions for storage / back up

From dozens of GB to units of PB within our CloudStorage service.

Do you need a space from hundreds of GB to dozens of TB? We have got solutions for you both in cloud and in reserved servers. Data is available through many protocols without any data transfer limits.

Complex solutions for iGaming

We care for global gaming Internet projects. We will provide operation also for you.

We provide operation with a high emphasis placed on the availability and dynamic performance scaling to many global iGaming projects. We will care for the design, implementation and operation of the whole server infrastructure for your iGaming projects.

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