About us

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What are our strengths?

We care for hundreds of Internet projects from all over the world, for which we have provided complete service in the form of managed server services since 2006. Currently we are the leading provider of services of this type in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia and we have been gradually expanding our business with other global projects.


What is the key to our success?

Superior technology is the key to the success of VSHosting.  In 2015 we launched on fo the most modern and the best secured data centers in Central Europe – ServerPark.  Our key and unique characteristics include  membership in the major data exchange node DE-CIX or the continuous 24/7 support by Linux administrators.

Our key success ingredients

Care we put our hearts into all we do
Specialization We only want to be winners
Teamwork We can rely
on each other
Ambitions We continuously improve

Where do we aim?

Our goals are high. Our current ambitions include the complete utilization of the ServerPark capacity, i.e. 8,000 servers, extending our scope of activity from the current 3,000+ clients, exceeding the annual turnover of 200+ millions and also the successful launch of our new branch in Austin, U.S., which makes it possible for us to become a respected player in the global competition.

8 000 servers

3 000+ clients

200+ millions

a branch in the U.S.

The most modern ServerPark data center

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