Our services comply with standards of the most recent quality certificates.

 VSHosting Hosting was awarded this badge for its excellent service

We fully realize how much our clients value their data that they entrust us in our administration. Therefore, the high quality security and the sophisticated methodology of the risk management are key.

In order that we can guarantee such a level of service, we passed audits to obtain certificates documenting the compliance with the international requirements for information security management – from employees through processes and own IT systems to the general company strategy.

System of quality management

System of management
of information security

In this way our customers can be sure that in compliance with the legislative requirements of the Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the personal data protection, both all customers data and your scripts, databases and other data, which might be physically misappropriated or misused, are protected.

Consequently, customers can be confident that:

  • we systematically identify potential security risks and eliminate them before they can materialize
  • we have got plans for a case of extraordinary events caused by a person or force majeure and we constantly improve the ability of our systems to overcome any consequences
  • we take the confidentiality of information very seriously and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks
  • we proceed according to the structured and globally renowned methodology of information security
  • we provide everything in compliance with the valid legislation and trends
  • we supply the stable quality of provided services
  • internal and other processes have their order based on pre-defined rules
  • we have determined precautions to prevent failures and outages of the provided services