VSHosting Cloud Backup

Server backup is always done to a geographically separated location, i.e. to another data center. We are aware that the data of clients is highly valuable. Locations are interconnected with a speed of up to 80Gbps, thus providing the possibility of quick data recovery if required. Data backup is automatically a part of the Managed Server and Managed Cloud Server service. With other services the backup is an optional additional service.

VSHosting Cloud Backup is a part of these services

Advantages of the VSHosting Cloud Backup service

offsite backup: placing in another VSHosting data center with a high standard and security

for the maximum safety of stored data the storage, into which data is backed up, is encrypted

dynamic increase of space
(1PB = 1000TB = 1000000GB)
according to the real need

high availability of the Cloud Backup

unlimited data transfer to the back up server

Restore-on-Demand directly to the backed up server

Use our VSHosting Cloud Storage solution for the backup of the

Dedicated Server a Server Hosting services.

Data backup


The total backup space of VSHosting in December 2015
4.5PB (4500TB)
The average time of managed servers backup
14 to 30 days retroactively

Backup technology

Backup takes place to the VSHosting Backup Cloud where the backup capacity has been gradually dynamically increased (it has currently reached almost 5PB). Data from servers are backed up incrementally so that the excess load of the backed up servers is eliminated. Backups are safe and in addition the whole VSHosting Backup Cloud has an encoded filesystem.

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