Database solutions

Your database servers will be cared for reliably. 

We will provide the administration of your servers for these databases:


Use our Managed Cloud Servers or Managed Servers. Entrust your servers into good hands.


cloud performance or dedicated servers

experienced administrators with the 24/7 availability

data backup

assistance with application debugging and optimization

24/7 proactive real-time monitoring
of dozens of server parameters

assistance with the selection of SW technologies

experience with hundreds of extensive solutions

service branding

superior technology background

Main benefits

Cost saving

High availability
and complexity of services

Less worries for you

Why should you entrust VSHosting with the server administration?

we care for more than 2,500
database servers

we have database
on a 24/7 basis

we also have experience with extremely
sophisticated systems

Display the managed cloud server offer

fully administered and simply scalable virtual servers in our Openstack cloud.

Display the managed server offer

powerful managed servers for more sophisticated databases

Our experts
will advise you

Are you not sure what would be the best for you or do you have customized requirements?

Tell us more about your project and your needs:

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