VSHosting used hardware

Our servers comply with the highest standard of a modern data center.

Guaranteed uniquely fast maintenance of servers within 60 minutes

VSHosting is the only company to guarantee the maintenance of servers within 60 minutes. It is the so called repair time (or also fix time), i.e. the period from the moment of the HW failure discovery, within which we are able to repair or completely replace the server.  We can provide such uniquely fast maintenance service thanks to these advantages:

Our own warehouses with spare parts and hundreds of servers.

Our own 24/7 team of hardware specialists directly in the data center

How is the server repair performed?

In VSHosting we use powerful servers and their adaptation so that everything complies with the modern standard of a data centre. Servers have two sources or are interconnected through the so called established STS (static switch), which provides the power supply from two independent power supply branches of our ServerPark data center.

We use servers of these brands:
DELL a SuperMicro

*In our network we solely use elements of renowned producers.


We use network elements of these brands:
Cisco a Juniper

NON-STOP Support Available: +420 246 035 835