Solutions for bulk mailing

Complex service for bulk mailing

Do you need to send bulk mailings to your clients? Do you send up to several millions messages a month? We have a cheap, reliable and simple solution for you. Send your bulk mailings with no worries with our Managed Server service for bulk mailing – Single Purpose.

Service properties

Parallel sending from more IP addresses

Servers are equipped with up to 5 IP addresses, therefore a parallel sending from more addresses is possible.

Checking blacklists

If your server appears on the blacklist we will contact you and together find a cause and perform delisting.

Statistics of sending

There will be the statistics of sent messages and logos of messages, which could not be delivered for some reason, available to you.

Simple implementation

Sending from your application was never easier. Your application will connect to several SMTP instances of the dedicated server and sending can start.

Warning: This service is not designed for spamming, it is designed for sending justified messages.
If this service is used for spamming, it will be suspended immediately

Service variants

SP Managed Cloud Server

  • Single purpose just for mailing
  • Output: 4x vCPU, 6GB RAM, 100GB SSD
  • 3x SMTP server, > 500,000 messages a month 


SP Managed Server

  • Single purpose just for mailing
  • Output: 2x XEON six-core, 48GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD v RAID1, HW RAID
  • 5x SMTP server,> 1 million messages a month


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