Technical support

Top administrators and other technical specialists are available on a 24/7 basis

Servers are maintained by the team of top administrators and other technical specialists, who are available to the clients on a 24/7 basis.

Fast Response Support Team

  • provides immediate solutions to less difficult problems
  • monitors the load of servers
  • cares for the inspection of logs
    and blacklists
  • informs the client about extraordinary events

Senior Linux Admin Team

  • administers servers and solves more difficult problems
  • provides server setting up and updating
  • communicates with the client regarding set up changes
  • provides advice to the client

HW/DC Team

  • consists of data center hardware and infrastructure professionals
  • repairs servers within 60 minutes
  • assembles and installs servers
    in the data center
  • accepts all requirements related to the dedicated servers

*There is a number of technical teams in VSHosting working in the rear area, which assist in ensuring the general company operation


Guaranteed parameters of the technical support

Connection with an administrator

within 60 seconds

Server repair at HW failure

within 60 minutes

Technical support in numbers

On a daily basis
we process up to
250 requests
We respond to more than 1,000
The average waiting time for requirement execution is less than20 minutes
The average time of hardware repair is less than30 minutes
The average time of waiting on the phone is less than50 seconds

Other advantages of our support

10 years of experiences with administration of almost 5,000 servers.

Experience with server administration in the Internet environment (e-shops, portals with high visit rate, intranets, iGaming projects)

Správa opensource produktů. Jsme zvyklí se nespoléhat na podporu třetí strany, ale sami na sebe.

NON-STOP support: +420 246 035 835